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A Hobby Led to a Passion...

and that Passion Led to a Purpose.

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I'm Jenn, the Owner & Director of Kindred Roots & Co. 

Welcome to our creative realm on the web...

I am SO glad you're here!

A Little About Me:

I've always had a passion for music and the arts. I started singing at the age of four, and was in my first theater production as a wee Kindergartener. I continued with the school chorus throughout Elementary and Middle School, and joined the school band in seventh grade - while I would have loved to have played the guitar or djembe (those weren't options for us), I instead played a mean clarinet.

I attended a semi-private high school and joined the Freshman Chorus. By the end of that year, our Director strongly encouraged me to audition for the very selective elite choir for the following school year. I went to that audition and after hearing a few of the students, I quietly made my exit through the back of the auditorium... I didn't believe I could ever compete with those voices.To this day, leaving that audition is still one of my biggest regrets. I made my way through various other musical offerings - Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Chorale... by my Senior year, I decided I was going out with a bang. I not only auditioned and was selected for a Regional Choral Concert with other local high schools, but I also performed in one of my favorite productions, "The Sound of Music."

Upon graduating, I wasn't quite sure what my path was going to be, so I stayed local and went to a Community College. There weren't any musical opportunities available, so I had to find them wherever I could. I started going to local music venues and cafes, where I discovered lots of new artists and heard so much incredible music! I started promoting some of the local concerts, and eventually got the attention of some artists online - some of my first clients were from the UK, Florida, Rhode Island, New York and California... and my own creative interests, skills, and business grew from there!

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