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Lori Diamond, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter (

"Jenn Armstrong overtly demonstrates the most admirable work ethic I've seen in this crazy business! But she's so much more than a workin' machine. She's creative, artistic and has no problem doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Plus, compared to some of the other folks out there who are charging an arm and a leg, and sometimes a kidney, for mediocre work with no tangible results, Jenn is extremely fair with her pricing for exemplary results. She over delivers every time, so don't even balk at her pricing for a second. I can't say enough. If you have any desire to get yourself to the next level - Jenn is your gal!"

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Tracie Potochnik, Singer/Songwriter (

“Jenn works tirelessly through this business – she has a can-do attitude and takes on many roles to support musical events, from booking and publicity to selling merchandise and running sound. Jenn has booked and supported shows I’ve been a part of, and every time our paths have crossed she’s been a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is evident, her attention to detail has been stellar, and she’s a genuinely kind person who’s always willing to do what she can to make a show a success."

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Beth DeSombre, Singer/Songwriter (

"She (Jenn) is an asset to the northeast music scene. I know Jenn most through her work with the Rhode Island Songwriters Association (RISA), where she serves as a board member and does amazing publicity and marketing.  RISA runs a large number of music series (I am the host of one of them) and other events, and Jenn has been fantastic at organizing and creating publicity and getting the word out more generally.  She is the sort of person who always steps up to the plate to help publicize events, and makes gorgeous materials with which to do so. While she does that officially for RISA, she also does it for individual musicians (not simply the ones who she officially works with), and is always willing to fill in to help in a pinch when publicity is needed for music events. And she is always efficient and cheerful in any of these roles she takes on. Jenn also has experience supporting the music careers (in various different ways) of a number of musicians in the northeast, and as a booking agent more generally. I’ve seen the excellent work she’s done on behalf of these musicians and watched their careers grow because of Jenn’s work. In addition to playing all these roles within the music community, she is also simply a major supporter of music in this area.  She attends a large number of shows.  She’s the person who will volunteer to work the door at a show when someone is needed to do so – even if she hadn’t been planning to attend in the first place.  She’s the sort of unsung hero without whom local music would not be possible, and who helps grow the music community."  

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Rob Hinkal, ilyAIMY (

"In today’s folk environment most venues and talent buyers are becoming increasingly concerned about the “graying out” of both the community’s performers and audiences. With that in mind, I think it has become imperative to embrace the next generation of positive, passionate folk-music movers and shakers. With a Love of music and a spirit of exploration, Jenn is incredibly supportive of both established performers and new-to-the-scene artists in the acoustic music world and is definitely someone who should be moving into the upper echelons of tastemakers and gatekeepers. She brings energy and love to everything she does and increasingly has the connections and experience to help usher in the new blood that keeps folk music a living, thriving genre."

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